Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Update

Hello All!

IT'S OFFICIAL. Today was the LAST day of classes for the fall semester at VUSN. All I have left before sweet liberation is two full days of clinical, three final exams and the HESI exam (sort of like the PSAT for the NCLEX.) All of our teachers gave somewhat of a commencement speech today which was both cheesy and motivating as we enter into exam week.  It was pretty amusing to think about how far our class has come in one semester. We went from being extremely nervous type-A students who wrote down notes on minutiae (ex: about how to properly wash your hands... yes, really) to being competent (perhaps not yet confident...) providers of nursing care who administer medications, clean wounds and do all sorts of procedures. Woohooo! 

On another note, THANK YOU so much for all of the suggestions about blogging material! I feel like my crazy schedule has prevented me from writing much this month, but with my extra time over Christmas break and all of your lovely ideas, I will be writing up a storm.

XOXO Eileen