Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yummy Smoothie!

Hello Again!

Did everyone see this recipe posted in the comments section of my post entitled "A Little Taste of My Diabetes" ?? If not, read the recipe and try it out! I made it for one of my roommates and myself and we both loved it. I made it without tofu and with truvia instead of equal (I didn't have any tofu but I have added it to my grocery list! And truvia is an all natural alternative to equal, however it does have a few carbs per package so make sure to count accordingly!) 

MLS's Blueberry Smoothies!
1 cup unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1/3 cup Soft Silken Tofu
1 cup plain low fat yogurt
1 cup fresh Blueberries (I'm sure frozen would be fine too)
4 packets of equal
10 ice cubes
Blend and drink! Recipe makes 2.5 servings. 1 serving is 130 calories and 17g carbs. 

Here is what Mary Lynn had to say about the recipe:
"I'd never used that silken tofu before, but it's completely flavorless, so it just helps thicken it up. And the almond milk is a new discovery, which I really like - it has way fewer carbs than regular milk."

SPRING BREAK IS A MONTH AWAY! I think I am going to be making myself smoothies like this every day until then.... 


An Update on Coffee

From Self Magazine! Perhaps not the best source for an update on medical research but I'll take it! VICTORY!


Raise your mug to higher metabolism! The caffeine in coffee can raise your resting metabolic rate by about 15 percent, and the effect can last up to four hours—that adds up to 30 to 50 calories burned per day. Plus, people who sip 3 to 4 cups of regular or decaf coffee per day are 30 percent less prone to type 2 diabetes. Chlorogenic acid, found in coffee, may help prevent insulin resistance, which can lead to obesity and diabetes
Go to this page for reference and to find more healthy food!
I am clearly a little over excited about this.....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food Poisoning!

Hey All!

Well... again, I have failed to adhere to any schedule I make. Clearly I have NO BALANCE at all, much less a sweet one. Last Friday I was going to post some of those yummy college-friendly diabetic recipes you all have been sending me but while I was at my nursing school clinical rotation (at the Psych Hospital no less!) I got very sick at lunch. It turns out I had food poisoning (but I have no idea what I got it from....) and had to head on over to the ER for some fluids and Zofran

I resisted the hospital at first... I like to take care of other people but I really hate being a patient.My blood sugars were never over 120 between 12-3 and I had no ketones which I checked for twice. I knew I wasn't in DKA, so what was the danger? The danger of food poisoning for all people is serious dehydration. My kidneys started hurting so the time came for a little ER visit. It turned out being an 8 hour stint but I did not have to be admitted.

I guess I was nervous or something when I got to the ER because my blood sugar spiked to 150 and my blood pressure was 138/79. It all came down very quickly though with the fluid. I left the hospital at 102 and a blood pressure of 99/55. Yay!

Food poisoning wears you out. I slept 5 hours on Saturday in the day and then 12 hours on Saturday night.... I also pulled a muscle in my back.

I'm all better now though! And those recipes will be up tomorrow!

Thanks guys, love to you all!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Little Taste of My Diabetes


I received an email from a reader a few days ago who called me out on never telling the story of my personal experience of being diagnosed with diabetes and living with it. She pointed out that I talk a lot around diabetes but don't say much about it. I guess I can understand where she is coming from, but I also don't want to bore any of you readers who do not have diabetes. Anyways, reflection is a great thing to do at the beginning of a new year and I found this little survey to help me do some. Thank you so much for your emails with questions and comments! They are all an inspiration to me to keep blogging and your praise and criticism is helping me grow as a diabetic and as a writer.  

Here's a little taste of my diabetes for you...

What type of diabetes do you have: Type 1

When were you diagnosed: July 4th, 2006

What's your current blood sugar: 109!! yay!

What kind of meter do you use: One Touch Ultra 2

How many times a day do you test your blood sugar: Not enough... maybe 3? But I wear a continuous glucose monitor in addition to pricking my finger so I have an idea of what my blood sugar is at all times.

What's a "high" number for you: Anything over 200.

What's do you consider "low": Anything under 70.

What's your favorite low blood sugar reaction treater: I really really love juice and I can only drink it when I am low.... With a low blood sugar in the 40s-50s, I will grab some fresh OJ! If its 60s-70s, I usually grab glucose tablets, fruit, or some candy

Describe your dream endo: I have my dream endo! Her name is Dr. Jagasia and she is the most nurturing and kind woman you can dream of! Aside from being brilliantly smart and knowledgeable, she is approachable and never makes me feel bad for slip-ups. I always leave feeling empowered to have better control and management.

What's your biggest diabetes achievement: Giving a speech on my experiences with diabetes at the JDRF Promise Gala in 2010 to help raise over $600,000 for JDRF of Middle Tennessee (we set a record!). Also, I am proud of myself for effectively managing a chronic illness in college. 

What's your biggest diabetes-related fear: Amputation, blindness, heart disease, kidney disease, death... I am pretty scared of all of it. Even though good management prevents these problems, sometimes I forget that and freak out.

Who's on your support team: My boyfriend, my parents, my doctor, my friends (especially those who have diabetes)

Do you think there will be a cure in your lifetime: I hope so. I can't really imagine my life without diabetes anymore though. I don't really ever let myself think about a cure because I don't want to take my focus off of good control right now

What is a "cure" to you: No injections, no pump, no testing...A stomach without bruises and scars from the pump... A healthy body without any danger of complications from diabetes.

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes is: So, did you get diabetes because you ate too much sugar?

What is the most common misconception about diabetes: That diabetes is easy to manage because we have insulin to inject. I think people forget that insulin keeps us alive but doesn't cure our disease. Also, I hate it when people confuse Type 1 and Type 2. 

If you could say one thing to your pancreas, what would it be: Why did you kill my islets?

Keep those recipes coming!! I am going to post a bunch of them on Friday!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Day of Break

Hello All!
Today is my last day of winter break... tomorrow is the start of Rush week and Monday is the start of nursing school. How am I spending this glorious snowwy day in Nashville? I am already studying.

This afternoon I have my HESI exam which is a cumulative exam covering all of my classes from the fall semester. It is sort of similar to the PSAT in the sense that it is a preliminary test that indicates your preparedness for the nursing boards. There is no grade for it, but if you don't do well you have to remediate. I am not expecting to do poorly but I have to admit that I feel as though a lot of my knowledge has flown out the window over the winter break.

Last night after a day of horrendous blood sugars, I chugged 3 glasses of water and went to bed early. This morning I woke up with a blood sugar of 103. Hooray!!

To keep my numbers normal after the day I had yesterday, I had a simple breakfast of scrambled egg whites with chopped onion and a piece of wheat toast.... ALWAYS a good breakfast for diabetics, but rarely do I have time to cook those eggies.

I should add "make healthy breakfasts" to my already long list of new year's resolutions. It really makes diabetes soooooo much easier to start the day off right rather than try to chase those blood sugars all day long. Anybody have any ideas on things for me (or other diabetics) to eat for breakfast that can be prepared in around 8 minutes?? I will post your answers!!

Maybe 8 minutes is a little tight.... If your recipes are really good, I might wake up earlier to make them  :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Side Tracked... Already! And it's only January 7th

Today I had TERRIBLE diabetes day. Our family hosted the visitation for my great grandmother who was buried today (RIP, 105 years of an amazing life!) and somehow I ended up having a low blood sugar of 52 upon returning from the cemetery and a high blood sugar of 325 after correcting for it and eating dinner prepared by the caterer. ROLLERCOASTER. It has just been one of those days.

So instead of diabetes, I am writing about something entirely different today : ) As you all know, I am obsessed with reading design blogs (check out my blog reel to see which ones I read most often) but the problem is that I have no apartment to decorate... I still live in a DORM (don't fret... it's pretty normal at Vanderbilt for students to live on campus all four years).  I've done the best I can with cinder block walls, but Simply Shabby Chic from Target only lasts for so long. The photographs are by Paul Moore.

Life as I know it is about to change. In May I will be graduating from Vanderbilt and moving into a new apartment  : ) HOORAYY!!  I am already wasting time looking at bedding. Comments on any of these??

All of this bedding is from Pottery Barn... I like the colors!

Sorry for the digressions! More about diabetes tomorrow when I can FOCUS! xoxo Eileen

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let the resolutions begin....

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a happy and peaceful holiday season (and for all of you diabetics... one filled without too many elevated blood sugars!!) and that everyone is beginning the new year off on the right foot.

I spent Christmas with my family in Nashville and then jetted out to Seattle to visit Chris and his family for the new year. Isn't Seattle beautiful?? This photo is from the top of the Space Needle... such a clear day!

I have A MILLION new years resolutions... the first and most important one being a lower A1C. It seems like I will never break 7.5......Is this going to be my goal forever???

Like the rest of America, I would also like to exercise more, travel more, hang out with friends and loved ones more, cook more, read more.... and lest I forget to mention, BLOG MORE!! 

Additionally, I hope to graduate from Vanderbilt in May and pass the NCLEX in October.

It is a beautiful day in Nashville today and I am off to run in the park... I need to work on restoring myself to a sweet balance as I am preparing to move back to Vanderbilt on Sunday.

Blessings for a Happy New Year!!!