Saturday, May 21, 2011

DLife: How to Prepare for Summer Vacation


 Diabetes management is hard enough to do when you are in your home-town routined life. Imagine the difficulty of doing this when you are on vacation with friends or family and you cannot control timing of meals or ingredients of food. It gets tough! But what is a girl to do? Rest, relaxation and fun times are important for all of us to have a balanced life so here are some pointers I have for summer traveling. 

1. Don't pack your insulin, test strips, lancets, syringes, alcohol swabs, glucose meters (and extra batteries!) or any other medications you have in your checked suite case. All of these items need to be in your carry on! You will get strip searched through security but its better to be safe than sorry

2. Bring plenty of snacks- crackers, fruit, pretzels, juice.... you will look like the every-ready big eating American, but who knows when you will get low. 

3. If you are crossing several time zones, have someone on your health care team help you figure out the timing of your insulin injections and other medication needs

4. Always carry or wear a medical bracelet or necklace that identifies you as having diabetes, in case of emergency

5. Bring a letter from your physician listing all the diabetes supplies you use, any allergies or food restrictions, and contact information for emergencies

6. Check your blood sugars more frequently when you are traveling to prevent hypoglycemia. Check your blood sugar before you start driving and at regular intervals

7. Remember that some diabetics report an increased blood sugar levels at higher altitudes. You might have  a high level on the airplane, but be careful about correcting for it because upon landing you might get low.

Be Sure to Pack:
- twice the amount of insulin syringes, pens and cartridges you will need
- glucose meter. Put in new batteries before you go and take a spare meter if you have one
- test strips
- extra batteries
- lancing device and lancets
- ketone test strips
- glucagon
- glucose tabs or gel, lifesavers or other hard candies
- medical identification
- prescriptions for all medications
- doctor's letter
- alcohol swabs
- first aid supplies
- sharps container
- anti-nausea meds
- snacks

Have fun!! And email me your travel stories!!



  1. I always pack 3 times what I need. Call me paranoid. :)
    Also, flying out of Nashville has become an experience since the full body scanners went in. I can't take my pump or cgms through, so I have to do the glass box pat down. Not fun. I wrote a blog post about it a couple of weeks ago.
    And I didn't know there was another TN blogger around! Glad to have found you. :)