Monday, June 27, 2011

Other DLife Bloggers Talking about Traveling!

Hey Guys!

I love it when other bloggers have the same thing on their minds as I do! Its a great opportunity to share and learn from one another on subjects that seem simple to some people, but affect our lives as diabetics greatly. See what I wrote about summer traveling with Diabetes (posting titled DLife: How to Prepare for Summer Vacation dated on May 21st) and then click on the links below to see what other bloggers are saying about their experiences with traveling.

Kelly Kunik from blogged on June 21st (My Diabetes Travel To-DO)  and June 22 (Traveling with Diabetes- The Morning Of...) 

Cara from blogged on June 9th (Opting Out) 

 I must say, others seem to feel the frustration related to traveling more emphatically than I, but I am guessing I could learn something from their approach to traveling. Sometimes I am too relaxed when it comes to diabetes management so I am eager to continue the dialogue! If any of you have ideas for me, comment or shoot me an email! I will be able to try out your pointers during my travels over the 4th of July weekend.

Love you guys!


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