Friday, October 28, 2011



In order to stay accountable to myself, I have started checking my blood sugar 5 times a day... time to quit talking about getting that A1C down further and just go ahead and do it! I have a timer set on my phone (which I have accidentally let go off in class twice....) and am writing down my numbers so that I physically see the trends.  The ipad ap BGluMon is AWESOME for this as well. It will graph/chart/analyze your blood sugars in a variety of ways that I think is super helpful. I know there are tons of apps out there though, so email me any others that you all find helpful and I will spread the word!

Also, whenever I have a high or a low blood sugar, I let somebody know about it. You can't hide from the numbers, but the more often you check your blood sugars, the more you will like them! My blood sugar right now is : 67. Eek! Gotta go take care of that.... XO Eileen

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