Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Amazing Race: Dr. Nat Strand


I have always said that if there were ever to be a reality tv show that I would want to go on, it would be The Amazing Race.  I guess its never too late... anyone want to be my partner??!! Haha sort of kidding, but not really...

I am so inspired by Dr. Nat Strand for being on the show while having Type 1 Diabetes!! My friends know that I take some obscene unnecessary amount on OJ with me whenever I go for a mere 45 minute hike in Percy Warner so I cannot imagine the stress of traveling the world to obscure places, handling time changes, not being able to control calories/sugar etc and managing blood sugars! This woman is a rock star! GO read about her on (she is one of the new physicians on the team....) or google/youtube her for some real inspiration!

 She is a role model of mine for many reasons... I mean honestly, she keeps her cool and looks pretty doing it even when eating boiled sheep's head (eyeballs, tongue and all!). Read about her in Diabetes Forecast Mag here:

Hope everyone is well!!

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